When we where learning about uncertainty I was nervous about the new topic.

First we stayed in room 4 and then we went to room 3 next room 6 now we are in room 8.
In room 4 we did music. In room 3 we where learning about sushi and other food. In room 6 we drawed pictures of our face and we learnt how to say our name in maori & how to say hello in fiji. In room 8 we learnt the Highland fling.

Here is my uncertainty poster.

2 thoughts on “Uncertainty

  1. Michaela’s Nana and Granddad were impressed with Michaela’s paintings. We were interested in the Uncertainty article. Nana loves to eat sushi but Granddad is not so keen. We find Michaela’s E-portfolio really fascinating and we look forward to seeing more work!

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