Every term for two days we go to art and we do heaps of cool stuff. In one of my pieces of art I was learning to draw animals. We learnt how to blend the colours in together for example if you use red and put a little bit of brown over the top of the red it looks cool. We also did some art for the olden days and used olden days colours like browny colours. Now we have different colours like purple, green, blue, yellow and red. In the one we made with the question bubble we had to ask questions about what we wanted to ask questions about. My question was why does the moon shine? I was the only one that picked that one. We cut semi-circles and little strips and folded them to make eyelashes.
I want to get better at drawing and colouring by doing it more neatly so it will look pretty.


When we where learning about uncertainty I was nervous about the new topic.

First we stayed in room 4 and then we went to room 3 next room 6 now we are in room 8.
In room 4 we did music. In room 3 we where learning about sushi and other food. In room 6 we drawed pictures of our face and we learnt how to say our name in maori & how to say hello in fiji. In room 8 we learnt the Highland fling.

Here is my uncertainty poster.

Animal adaptation

First of all we looked in books next we went on computers so we could find out things about Tuataras for our animal adaptation work. We wrote our ideas into our topic book and then when we were finished we went into the computer suite and we wrote it all into our sentences about tuataras. At assembly we shared our ideas to all the classes.

Here is my voicethread about the tuatara.

Welcome to my e-portfolio

You  are welcome to my portfolio with my school work for example:

Book club, if my friend Tara was reading a story to me and we talked about it that wold be book club.

Art, for example we do painting and drawing.

Writing, you can write stories if you want and you can write what you did if you had a birthday or you did something fun.

Maths, you might do equations, fractions, multiplication and basic facts.

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